Automated Environmental Health and Safety

Turning real time data into actionable insights

How it works

Sensor networks

Deploy wearable or wireless area monitors to help collect real time data on exposure risks

Cloud engine

Our cloud engine collects wireless sensor data where where we translate this date into useful information

Online dashboard

Gain access to a real time dashboards which communicates actionable insights to drive improved environmental health and safety outcomes

Automated Health and Safety Insights

Automated Reporting

Instant Root Cause Analysis

Real time site mapping

Real time alerts and notifications



Industrial Hygiene


Smart city


Healthcare and Research

Silica exposure risks

Identify when and where exposures are occuring in minutes instead of weeks

Optimized PPE usage

Demarcate high risk areas where proper personal protective equipment is required

Environmental monitoring

Help monitor your fugitive dust emissions and ensure compliance

Engineering controls

Test your engineering controls in real time to increase productivity and reduce downtime



APT sensors used to study environmental conditions for airborne COVID-19

Pratim Biswas elected to the National Academy of Engineering

After NASA win, sensor startup has prospects on Earth and in space

Ameren invests in Applied Particle Technology


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